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home-rental.ca and home-rentals-ca are an evolution of a personal effort that started end of 2004, the vision was to create a site specializing in home rental services, to be the gateway to a wide array of services, any where, any time, from any place.


The first idea design for the site was to have world map, and visitors could select where they want the service from by clicking on the geographical area to take them to the country where the service is offered.


On Wednesday 6th of April 2005, the new and improved look for the site was launched. The kind of service is now the entry point, and the site, with the help of Google will feed the related service providers to each visitor according to where they are coming from. This technology of identifying the location of the visitor proved to be very effective.

Thank you

We wish to thank our visitors and advertisers for their continued support and commitment to home-rental.ca; and to their many suggestions and feed back they are sending us constantly.

About us
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